Green Letters Special edition on the Environmental Humanities, including article by BSU Env Hums Director Kate Rigby

Green Letters 2019; Vol 23; Issue 1.


Editorial: Graham Huggan

Article: Weaving the environmental humanities: Australian strands, configurations, and provocations: Catherine Rigby

Article: How can scholarly work be meaningful in an era of lost causes?: Kelly Sultzbach

Article: An excursion in the environmental humanities: some thoughts on fieldwork, collaboration, and disciplinary identity following a day trip to the Island of Lundy: Adrian Howkins, Marianna Dudley, Peter Coates, Tamsin Badcoe, Sage Brice, Andy Flack, Daniel Haines, Paul Merchant, Laurence Publicover, Richard Stone & Alice Would

Article: Dependence on the whale: multispecies entanglements and ecosystem services in science fiction: Dolly Jørgensen

Article: Doing environmental humanities: inter/transdisciplinary research through an underwater 360° video poem: Jesse D. Peterson

Article: Bin ich ein Berliner? Graffiti as layered public archive and socio-ecological methodology: Daniele Valisena & Roger Norum

Book Reviews

The environmental humanities. A critical introduction: Roman Bartosch

Environmental humanities: voices from the Anthropocene: A. G. Tait

The Routledge companion to the environmental humanities: A G Tait

The great derangement: climate change and the unthinkable: Veronica Fibisan

Zombiescapes and Phantom Zones: ecocriticism and the liminal from invisible man to the walking dead: Lucy Bell

Arts of living on a damaged planet: ghosts and monsters: Holly Parker

Landscapes of eternal return: Tennyson to Hardy: Sue Edney

French ecocriticism: from the early modern period to the twenty-first century: Axel Goodbody

The full details and links are here

BSU staff and students should be able to access all via Shibboleth.

BSU EHRC scholar  Sam Walton, Reader in Modern Literature,  is co-editor of Green Letters


Author: Owain Jones

I work at Bath Spa University as a Professor of Environmental Humanities, and I am Director of the University's Environmental Humanities Research Centre

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