A Call for Presentations: BODY IQ 2019 Somatische Akademie Berlin & Bath Spa University

Dear Colleagues

please see the call for presentations for Body IQ Festival in Berlin 2019. We would be grateful if you could pass this on to relevant webgroups – or join us!

Best wishes Thomas & Kai

A Call for Presentations: BODY IQ 2019: On being human in a world begging for our passion, compassion and action.

Somatische Akademie Berlin  15.-17. 11. 2019

Organisers: Kai Erhardt (Somatische Akademie Berlin) & Thomas Kampe (Bath Spa University, UK)

Body IQ Festival 2019 aims to address questions of re-embodiment in a context of global ethical and ecological crisis. Over the last decades somatic practices have become a growing field of sensorial, experiential and emancipatory learning within a broad range of educational, therapeutic and artistic contexts. How can somatic practices contribute to a re-education of attention and human interaction with a sustainable living world? How do we mobilise, activate and organize a culture of somatic passion and care for a dignified future for all?

The 2019 festival has a focus on dissemination, networking, application and somatic-activisms beyond the field into a diverse range of cultural and social environments.

The three day festival runs between 15th and 17th of November 2019, and offers workshops, talks, panel-discussions and performances with international presenters.

Invited presenters include: Funmi Adewole (UK); Glenna Batson (US/IE); Jenny Coogan (DE); Elisa Cotroneo (US);Marion Evers (DE);  Tiago Gambogi ( BRA/UK) ; Heike Kuhlmann (DE); Chris  Lewis-Smith ( UK); Katja Münker (DE); Obrador de Moviments (ES); Mike Poltorak (UK); Sian Sullivan (UK); Lisa May Thomas (UK); Sarah Whatley (UK)

BODY IQ Festivals have been hosted by Somatische Akademie Berlin in dialogue with international partners since 2015 as a forum for critical engagement with and development of practices of embodiment in socio-political contexts.  Find more information about past BODY IQ Festivals visit: http://www.bodyiq.berlin/

We are inviting artists, educators and scholars to contribute through workshops, academic presentations, performances and artefacts, lectures, or other alternative formats:

Topics might be concerned with:

Critical Somatics ; Somatic Activism  & Applied Somatics

Somatic Performance Cultures; The Power of Touch

Moving Masculinities; Moving Gender; Critiquing the Euro-centric

Somatic Education for different Age-Groups ; Somatics and diverse abilities

Re-moving Trauma; Somatics in the Digital Age; Intercultural Somatic Networks

Somatics and Enactivism; Eco-Somatics & Eco-Crisis

Re-Embodiment and/as Re-Empowerment

Deadline for Applications Dec 1st 2018; feedback from organisers by December 10th 2018

To apply send a 200 word abstract/proposal and a 200 word biog. to t.kampe@bathspa.ac.uk

For more information contact Thomas Kampe t.kampe@bathspa.ac.uk or Kai Erhardt erhardt@smatische-akademie.de

Dr.Thomas Kampe: Senior Lecturer for Movement (BA Acting)

Author: Owain Jones

I work at Bath Spa University as a Professor of Environmental Humanities, and I am Director of the University's Environmental Humanities Research Centre

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