Deep Time Deep Waters Participatory Workshop Edinburgh 12-13 June

Via Michelle Bastian at EEHN 

Dear all,

Please find information below on an upcoming EEHN workshop funded by IASH. This is a small participatory workshop, where we’ll have collaborative sessions as well as a selection of short talks from attendees. Places are very limited, so do book early.

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Deep Time, Deep Waters

12-13th June, Edinburgh

Deep time is, perhaps, an awkward concept to apply to water. Water does not produce a layered and linear time as some elements of geology such as soil and rocks do. Indeed it has problematically been thought to lie ‘outside history’ (Rozwadowski). However as Astrida Neimanis argues “water asks us to think earthly archives…differently” (2014). Indeed water can offer more complicated ways of thinking through time. Waters can hold de-oxygenated zones, so-called dead zones, where time stands still, while other zones hold very lively ecologies. There are deep-time cycles in the ocean waters such as the thermohaline circulation that moves in 1000 years cycles and tells of long-term cause and effect. This workshop will ask what a focus on waters can contribute to critical time studies and issues of multispecies intergenerational justice and care. How do we encounter time through deep waters? How do narratives, practices and things related to water help us to understand human and more-than-human relations over time, particularly in these catastrophic times (Stengers)? Join literary scholars, historians, philosophers, archaeologists, marine scientists, theologians and more to explore how a multi-disciplinary approach might offer new ways to understand deep pasts and deep futures.


Please also book tickets for the workshop keynote by Helen M. Rozwadowski separately:

Dr Michelle Bastian

Chancellor’s Fellow, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture




Latest publication: Participatory Research in More-than-human Worlds (2017, Routledge).

Author: Owain Jones

I work at Bath Spa University as a Professor of Environmental Humanities, and I am Director of the University's Environmental Humanities Research Centre

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